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I’d like to attend sessions about:

Application virtualization & streaming


Cloud computing

Hosted virtual desktops infrastructures

(connection brokering, thin clients, etc.)

Software development & testing through virtual lab automation

Storage virtualization

Technology adoption challenges

Technology ROI

Virtual infrastructures maintenance

(operational frameworks, best practices, etc.)

Virtual machines disaster recovery / high-availability

(backup / restore, hosts synchronization, P2V migrations, etc.)

Virtual infrastructure security

(platforms hardening / patching, intrusion detection, permissions, etc.)

Virtual infrastructures automation / orchestration

Virtual infrastructures capacity planning

Virtual infrastructures design

Virtual Infrastructures performance monitoring / troubleshooting

Virtual machines lifecycle management

(provisioning, inventory, tracking, etc.)


I’d like to attend sessions with the following format:

Best practices (Level 100 / 200)

Case history (Level 100)

Data analysis (200 / 300)

Designing (Level 200)

Designing (Level 300)

Future trends / predictions (Level 100)

Implementing (Level 200)

Implementing (Level 300)

Introduction / Overview (Level 100)

New startup launch (Level 100 / 200)


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