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Citrix Web Site Citrix Systems, Inc. is the global leader and most trusted name in application delivery infrastructure and offers the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end virtualization portfolio. Citrix XenServer for server virtualization, Citrix XenApp for application virtualization, and Citrix XenDesktop for desktop virtualization are the foundation of a dynamic datacenter that enables organizations to respond effectively to business change.
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Stratus Web Site Stratus Technologies focuses exclusively on helping its customers keep critical business operations online without interruption. Business continuity requires resiliency and superior availability throughout the IT infrastructure, including virtual systems. Stratus delivers a range of solutions that includes software-based high availability, fault-tolerant servers, availability consulting and assessment, and remote systems management services. Based on its 28 years of expertise in product and services technology for total availability, Stratus is a trusted solutions provider to customers in manufacturing, health care, financial services, public safety, transportation & logistics, and other industries.

Microsoft Web Site Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. At Microsoft, we look at virtualization as key technology to help customers achieve self-managing dynamic systems. Across the platform, operating system, applications and management layers we’re delivering functionality and capabilities that enable our customers to significantly reduce operating costs, drive up server utilization and achieve better ROI through full featured virtualization solutions.

HP Web Site HP takes a comprehensive approach to virtualization that encompasses all aspects of your environment – from virtualization of mission critical platforms to client infrastructure to management of your virtualized data center. HP is rethinking infrastructure barriers, applications and IT operations management and client architectures -- designing products and services that help companies large and small rethink virtualization in business terms.
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Igel Web Site IGEL Technology is Europe's #3 thin client vendor and is #1 in its native Germany (2007 IDC). Our Windows XP Embedded and Linux Universal Desktops are VMware VDM certified, have a VDM client with appliance mode and can deliver the toughest server-based applications such as video conferencing, Flash and peripheral control. All units come with the powerful IGEL Universal Management Suite.

Symantec Web Site Symantec Solutions enable organizations to take full advantage of server and endpoint virtualization while preserving best practices for efficiency and cost savings from their physical environment. Symantec infrastructure software is optimized to address new requirements from virtualized environments that affect key service level processes such as backup, disaster recovery, and storage management. At the endpoint, Symantec solutions enable you to transform the way applications are managed and delivered, reduce costs, and make cloud computing a reality for your organization.
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VMware Web Site VMware is the leading provider of virtualization solutions. VMware's customer base includes 100% of the Fortune 100 and more than 84% of the Fortune 1000. VMware’s broad and proven suite of virtualization solutions address a range of complex IT problems that include infrastructure optimization, business continuity, software lifecycle management and desktop management. VMware was founded in 1998 and is based in Palo Alto, California.

eG Innovations Web Site eG Innovations is a global provider of performance monitoring and triage solutions for both virtual and physical IT infrastructures. The company's patented technologies provide proactive monitoring of every layer of every tier in the infrastructure, thereby enabling rapid diagnosis and recovery in enterprise and service provider networks.

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AppSense Web Site AppSense technology enables standard pooled desktops to be personalized on-demand. By dynamically applying user settings to a standard desktop image, the large-scale delivery of non-persistent virtual desktops is possible, since the user experience remains consistent and predictable. User personalization is applied across multiple delivery methods, including application virtualization with ThinApp, and is persisted from session to session.

Intel Web Site For over 40 years Intel has been leading and bringing new technology to the marketplace. Now we are building on our historical strength in silicon innovation and global manufacturing capacity to create new products and technologies that help people live happier, more productive lives. Intel and Citrix have combined to deliver optimized, tuned, ready-to-sell-and-deploy solutions for virtualized clients, servers and data centers for IT and end users. Intel, will provide clear, concise education and demonstrations regarding new and expanded client virtualization solutions from Citrix for desktop, mobile and Intel® Pro™ technology. Intel will also discuss improvements and efficiencies available in a new generation of server solutions available from Citrix and Intel for Xen App customers.

NetApp Web Site NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency. Our dedication to principles of simplicity, innovation, and customer success has made us one of the fastest-growing storage and data management providers today. Customers around the world choose us for our "go beyond" approach and broad portfolio of solutions for server-to-storage virtualization, business applications, data protection, and more. Our solutions provide nonstop availability of critical business data and simplify business processes so you can deploy new capabilities with confidence and get to revenue faster than ever before.

Wyse Web Site Wyse Technology is the global leader in thin computing. Wyse and its partners deliver the hardware, infrastructure software, and services that comprise thin computing, allowing people to access the information they need using the applications they want, but with better security, manageability, and at a much lower total cost of ownership than a PC. Thin computing allows CIOs and senior IT professionals to reduce costs, manage risk, and deliver access to information. Wyse partners closely with industry leaders Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and others to achieve this objective.

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Dell Web Site Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services they trust and value. At the core of Dell's innovation approach is an unwavering commitment to delivering new and better solutions that directly address customer needs. Uniquely enabled by its direct business model, Dell is a leading global systems and services company and No. 34 on the Fortune 500.

Event Producer Web Site Established in 2003, is recognized as the leading news and analysis site for the virtualization industry, recording over 160,000 page views per month and referenced by more than 36,000 other sites, blogs and forums. It provides unique tools, like the Virtualization Industry Radar, to allow new customers to follow and ultimately make purchasing decisions within virtualization.

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