Hansa Teutonica Game Rules. Players attempt to increase their standing as merchants in the Hanseatic League by gaining prestige points. This may be done in. Hansa Teutonica. A game for 2 to 5 players by Andreas Steding. Condensed rules by Eric Postpischil, Introduction. Goal: Get the most prestige. Deutsche Hanse or, in Latin, Hansa Teutonica, are alternative names for the Hanseatic League, an alliance between merchant guilds and (later) between cities.

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At the end of the game the player’s largest network of connected Offices count the indicated amount of prestige points per Office. If all yeutonica of a trading route between two cities are occupied by only your resources, you may establish a new trade route this is an activity, it does not happen automatically.

Activities may be performed in tejtonica order and may be repeated as often as the player wants but must be completed before the player starts a new activity.

What is the last in the Turn: If it were an action it would say “Use TO establish On a player’s turn, he can move this figure 1 or 2 provinces for free — either before he starts his turn or teutonida he completes all of his activities. After a start player is randomly chosen, the other player places the wooden figure into any province.

If I control both cities on a route, do I get two prestige points when it’s claimed?

Establishing a network of Kontors in new Hansa cities may be as promising as improving trading skills. View The Leadership Team.

He can also move it to any province any time during his turn for the cost of one activity.


In the south hansz city of Coellen, prestige points may be gained. Traders and merchants collectively “resources” may be inserted on the game board, moved, or even used to displace other player’s resources. Setups 2 players, Eng – Basic Edition. A Few Acres of Snow. Bonus Markers cannot be used the same action received.

Hansa Teutonica Game Rules

If the player happens to have insufficient resources in the stock, he may take resources from his personal supply and if still not enough he may hanza resources which are already on other fields. See Sequence of Play below for a list of activities a player may perform. Cities that joined the League were called Hansa cities.

If an Office is opened in the last empty space in a city i. Do you HAVE to establish a new kontor? Once a network between the two red cities is established, that player immediately scores 7 points. In case of a tie, the player occupying the higher valued city space the one rulws to the right controls the city; and.

Hansa Teutonica

Now to complicate matters: Each player chooses one color and places 1 the appropriate player mat in front of him 2 covers the fields of the trading skill tracks on his player mat with traders cubes and merchants disks based on the symbols depicted leaving only the first leftmost, shaded pale field in each track open as shown in the picture below.

So check out our schedule for weekly or monthly events and come play some board games! Related Products Hansa Teutonica: Since there was no formal application to join until the later half of 14th century, it was impossible to tell which cities belonged to the League during this period. Each player performs as many bansa as their current trading skills allow current position on the “Activities” skill before his turn ends.


As a rule of thumb, merchants may be utilized instead of traders during game play if not stated otherwise, but not vice versa a trader does not make a merchant. If a bonus marker is allocated to that trading route a player just established they take it and put it face up in front of them. Ok I think thats all I bumped into. These aren’t your parent’s boardgames! A player may open an Office tehtonica placing one of their resources from the newly created trade route into the lowest leftmost available open space of an adjacent city of their choice and put all other resources on that trade rles back into the stock not your personal supply.

Tfutonica Everyone Easiest to learn All.

Bonus markers don’t have to be placed back on the taverns. This teutoniva accomplished by the player placing all of the resource from the established trade route back into the stock and then removing the leftmost resource from the appropriate skill tracks on their player mat to their personal supply. Each bonus marker may only be used once but after use, should be kept face down for end of game scoring. Are the 2-player rules in the 3rd edition updated?

Hansa Teutonica rules clarifications – Berkeley Board Gamers (Berkeley, CA) | Meetup

Winner of the game is the player who gains most prestige points. Remember that the required resource must have been in the established trade route to be used. Where do displaced cubes get placed Tags separate by space:

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